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Just 45 working days

Dear Ian,

There are just 45 working days until the 1st October deadline for the revised Building Regulations is here. From conversations I have had with some of the Independent Agents who carry out assessments for WER submissions with BFRC there doesn’t yet seem to be a mad rush on to get the appropriate demonstration of compliance in place. How can this be? There have been rumours the deadline may be postponed, but surely everyone can see this is only delaying the inevitable and it’s better to ensure your products are up to standard sooner rather than later?

Our ‘Journey to C’ seminars attempted to offer the industry all the information and assistance needed to achieve compliance in plenty of time. We knew before they began they would only scratch the surface and despite over 600 delegates attending all of the events, they did just that. But at least we did something. While it’s the sealed unit manufacturers, fabricators and installers that need to ensure their products are up to standard, the rest of the industry should be doing everything they can to help them. At the moment it would seem a lot of suppliers are sitting back and letting the few do all the work, while others are being downright obstructive. Whether the deadline for the changes is moved on or not, we still have a lot to do to achieve compliance on ALL products. Is it too much to ask that we pull together and act now before it’s too late?

Edgetech will continue to do its bit as the Journey to Compliance continues. Anyone looking for help in achieving their Window Energy Ratings regardless of the profile or glass being used can still call us for practical help and advice.

Yours sincerely

Andy Jones
Managing Director, Edgetech

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