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Let the sun shine with new Pilkington Solar-E™

Pilkington has extended its range of pyrolytic Solar Control glass to include Pilkington Solar-E™.

Pilkington has extended its range of pyrolytic Solar Control glass to include Pilkington Solar-E™. This new product offers a flexible, low-reflective glass that combines low-emissivity with good solar control to minimise the solar heat gain of a building. Pilkington Solar-E™ now joins Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ and extends the existing Solar Control range.

Pilkington Solar-E™ provides reduced reflectivity and solar gain compared with other on-line coated products in the Pilkington Solar Control range. The pyrolytic coating is neutral in appearance, provides good solar control performance and is easy to process when making Insulating Glass Units. Pilkington Solar-E™ is well suited to both commercial façades and some residential applications where high reflectance is unsuitable and can be specified in situations where excessive solar heat gain is likely to be an issue – for example large façades, glass walkways, atria and conservatories. Pilkington Solar-E™ can be toughened or laminated making it perfect for applications requiring impact safety or enhanced breaking characteristics.

The ability of solar control glazing to minimise the need for air conditioning means it plays a crucial role in saving energy and can reduce the running costs of a building. Solar control glazing incorporating Pilkington Solar-E™ has already proved popular in commercial projects in the USA where it has been available for a number of years.

Kristian Chalmers, Pilkington, said, “We are proud to introduce Pilkington Solar-E™ into our Solar Control range. Large areas of glazing are particularly popular in commercial properties and Pilkington Solar-E™ is perfect for those projects. It is easy to stock and process, durable and ideal for commercial window applications thanks to its hard coating technology. We believe that our customers will find it to be a beneficial addition to their product portfolio. Pilkington Solar-E™ is available in 6 and 8 mm thicknesses, as stock in Jumbo and LES sizes, or in an Insulating Glass Unit direct from Pilkington, our independent customers and merchant branches throughout the UK.”

Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ is also fully available and well-suited to both commercial façades and certain residential applications. The pyrolitic Solar Control range offers a unique choice of colours for original or innovative architecture designs, with improved energy-efficiency in both summer and winter, at a reasonable price.

With good solar control performance Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ is a durable, on-line coated clear or body-tinted glass which can be laminated, toughened, bent and enamelled using standard techniques in monolithic form or by incorporating it into an Insulated Glass Unit. It is a short lead time, stockable product and handles and processes similar to Pilkington K Glass™.

For more information visit www.pilkington.co.uk/solare

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