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I is for Innovation

Aluminium is a 21st Century metal yet has been with us commercially since the 1880’s. In fact 75% of all the metal produced since then is still in use today. Aluminium has changed significantly over its lifespan particularly in the mix and quality of its alloy. From the humble castings and sheets of the 1880’s aluminium can now be found in everything we interact with, travel in and build with - Aluminium is a true ‘modern material’.

Aluminium offers a very high strength to weight ratio and innovative designers are taking the material even further particularly in the field of composite materials. For example, aluminium and timber composite windows, doors and curtain wall systems offer high insulation with low maintenance and near 100% recyclability. Composite aluminium foils used in damp proof membranes are both 100% air and moisture proof whilst reflecting radiant heat. Composite aluminium panels with honeycomb internal structures offer exceptionally high strength with almost perfect flatness. These are but to name a few.

Used structurally in floors walls and roofing systems the lighter weight of aluminium reduces the load on the lower structure and ultimately reduces the need for heavy load bearing structures. Being lightweight, the transport to site and lifting process also requires reduced energy which reduces carbon production.

These are just some of the benefits and uses that are only possible with aluminium. Used externally with high performance anodising and coatings offering 30 plus years guarantee, aluminium can now easily carry the mantle of a ‘future material’ for our world - as they say “the possibilities are endless”.

For guidance on aluminium and its use and more information about CAB and its membership, please contact Julie Harley at the CAB office on 01453 828851 or by email at www.c-a-b.org.uk

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