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CAB supports ‘Windows Sustainability Action Plan

Windows Sustainability Action Plan

The Council for Aluminium in Building’s Chief Executive, Justin Ratcliffe, recently presented aluminium’s current and future sustainability plans and targets at the launch of Defra’s ‘Windows Sustainability Action Plan’. The report, launched at BEST 2010, provides a robust action plan for all the major framing materials to improve the sustainability of windows across their respective life cycles and supply chains.

The Action Plan or roadmap has been developed by the Windows Sustainability Partnership (WSP) which includes representatives from across the windows supply chain, including CAB, as well as relevant Government departments, regulatory bodies and delivery bodies.

Speaking at the Education Hub at BEST 2010, Justin explained both CAB’s direct and collaborative work, with the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) and the European Aluminium Association (EAA), on aluminium and sustainability in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. He made specific reference to a UK project on the durability and service life of windows and a worldwide Responsible Aluminium scheme currently in its scoping stage. Justin also outlined how the global aluminium industry, through the IAI, has established a number of global sustainability objectives including energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Progress relating to the global objectives is reported annually and will be disseminated widely to those in the aluminium windows supply chain.

The ‘Windows Sustainability Action Plan’ is a must read for anyone involved in the development and installation of sustainable window systems and can be downloaded at www.defra.gov.uk/environment/business/products/roadmaps/index.htm

CAB supports the Aluminium For Future Generations initiative which is a programme of continuous improvement on the part of the global aluminium industry. Further information on CAB and membership is available on the CAB website at www.c-a-b.org.uk or by contacting Julie Harley on 01453 828851

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