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SFS INTEC consigns flag hinges to history

Leading European hardware manufacturer SFS intec has dropped its last remaining flag hinge product from its door hinge range as it focuses 100% on its cylindrical designs that have proven to deliver far-reaching benefits.

The company’s Unic 3D, which was introduced to the UK market in 1994, was an innovation of its time. But, as technology has advanced, the company feels its design no longer represents the best option for door fabricators, installers and householders.

In the last decade, SFS intec has moved away from flag hinges in favour of precision-engineered slimline cylindrical designs featuring pins to fix into the side of the door sash, finished with a stylish sash plate. The company’s most successful door hinge products are all based on this more modern design, including the Dynamic 2D hinge for PVC-U and twin-rebated composite doors which has grown to be a market-leader within five years of launching.

“Like all technology, things move on so it’s vital that we don’t rely on outdated approaches in the pursuit of doors with improved security, safety, long term reliability and aesthetics,” says Nigel Wood, SFS intec’s hinge technology manager.

“Flag hinges are based on a design which is 25-30 years old and this has no place in the high performance doors that the market expects today. Anyone using flag hinges will know their common problems such as the door sash dropping – sometimes within a matter of weeks after installation - and their bulkiness causing all sorts of problems when fitting in doors with a restricted opening size.

“As a hardware manufacturer with a continuous R&D focus, we’ve been able to take the lead and completely phase-out flag hinges. That now means customers using any product in the SFS intec door hinge range is assured of products which are easy to fit and adjust, maximise the door opening width, eliminate the risk of the door sash dropping over time and deliver excellent visual appeal.”

The latest addition to the SFS intec door hinge range is the Dynamic 2D-F which provides the benefits of the established Dynamic 2D product to manufacturers of flush-fit door-sets. That includes improved fabrication efficiency for fabricators and suitability in enhanced security PAS-024 rated door-sets.

For further information on the SFS intec door hinge range visit www.sfsintec.biz/uk or call 0113 2085 500.

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SFS Intec

SFS intec has been manufacturing high performance door hinges in Europe since 1980 and offers one of the industry’s most advanced ranges to suit PVC-U, composite, timber and aluminium entrance doors, plus internal doors.

SFS intec’s hinge division has been accredited by the UK Police flagship initiative - Secure by Design – a scheme which focuses on crime prevention at the design, layout and construction stages of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

With its headquarters in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, SFS intec also has manufacturing operations in, France, Italy, America and the UK.

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