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Trade fabricator Modplan reports an interesting trend

Trade VEKA fabricator Modplan is reporting a sales increase in an interesting area of its business: coloured and foiled profiles. Heidi Sachs, Modplan’s Managing Director, says, “The increase is coming from the replacement of the replacement sector. The increase is good news for us, of course, but it’s also good news for the industry because it shows that colour isn’t just about the commercial sector, opportunities clearly exist in the domestic market.”

Modplan is seeing its biggest increases in its foiled profiles: Irish Oak on White, which is available in the Matrix FS profile and Black on White and Ivory on White, which is available in the Matrix 58, Matrix 70 and Matrix FS systems.

Heidi says, “It’s fascinating to see that consumers upgrading their windows and doors are looking for more than just the practical, energy efficient benefits of PVC – they’re also looking for aesthetic benefits. Colour has the ability to offer consumers something very different in terms of aesthetics and still has the ability to surprise consumers with its versatility. I wouldn’t be surprised if more installers started using colour to differentiate themselves from their competitors.”

Modplan is well placed to support any installer looking to add colour to their portfolio. All foiled options are available from stock or ex stock, meaning they can be supplied within Modplan’s normal lead times. When it comes to coloured profiles, Modplan has its own in-house painting facility, which uses the Kolorbond process, keeping lead times to a minimum there too.

Modplan has developed a reputation for providing a service that supports its customers. The extent of its coloured and foiled range, combined with excellent lead times for something that is often seen as a ‘special’, with delivery times to match, demonstrates just how much value it can add to its customers’ businesses.

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