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T is for Technical Support

Where can you obtain generic and unbiased advice on standards, regulations and best practice for the aluminium in building sector? The answer is the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) which offers a ‘finger on the pulse’ for all things aluminium. With a wide ranging knowledge of both UK and European standards and regulations, the ability to network with other relevant bodies and associations, the Trade organisation provides advice over the phone or online.

As important as up to date advice may be, it is also vital that CAB members’ views are shared with the standards authorities in order that the UK’s wishes are taken into consideration. CAB communicates through technical committees in the UK with all its members who work in technical departments within their respective member businesses and also distributes a periodic comprehensive bulletin on technical issues called ‘Insight’.

CAB encourages and welcomes companies in the aluminium in construction supply chain to apply for membership with increased support, which is vital if it is going to continue to influence European legislation. Lord Kitchener’s famous First World War comment ‘Your Country Needs You’ could equally be a campaign for CAB in support of determining standards and regulations that will at least give the aluminium in building sector an equal platform for competitive tender.

For guidance on aluminium and its use and further information about CAB, its membership, activities and upcoming events, please contact Julie Harley at the CAB office on 01453 828851, by email at julie.harley@c-a-b.org.uk or visit the website at www.c-a-b.org.uk

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