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Letter to the Editor - Window Energy Ratings being diluted

Dear Ian,

With the economy providing tough conditions and opportunities like Window Energy Ratings being diluted by industry organisations trying to make it easier to comply with Building Regulations, it’s clear to see why there isn’t much talk about growth as an industry. But there have been proactive, forward thinking companies that have continued to expand and an increasing number of companies are enjoying growth this year. One of the threats companies face as the market does start to recover is whether their suppliers will have the capacity to serve their upturn.

It’s no secret that many suppliers have had to cut back on their resources while things have been more difficult but as the market improves, they are faced with the tough decision of when to add those resources back in. It’s especially difficult at times like this when the market’s recovery is wavering at best, but with definite pockets of real growth. Do suppliers add the resource back in and risk paying higher costs as the market diminishes again, or do they risk not adding the resource back in just yet and not being able to supply the increase in demand they could experience? We have already seen glass suppliers putting customers on allocation because of increased global demand. It’s not an easy decision to take, with risk involved whichever way you look at it.

As we start to embark on the road to recovery and competition remains fierce, there couldn’t be a worse time to be let down by your supplier. This could easily become the case with WET as the global market continues to grow at such a fast rate. Sealed unit manufacturers should be asking themselves if they are confident their suppliers can meet their demand now and in the future.

Edgetech customers can rest assured that they won’t be faced with any such problems because we are a UK based manufacturer serving the UK market and we have a policy of never allowing our facilities to reach 100% capacity. As soon as we reach 80% capacity, we add another production line to stay ahead of future growth. Edgetech has been in the UK market for many years now and has seen exponential growth for the majority of that time. One of the reasons we have seen such consistent growth is because we have always made the necessary investments to ensure we continue to service the increased demand for our products.

The Warm Edge Technology market is currently approximately 50% of the UK window industry and is continuing to grow. We have already heard news of some WET suppliers that are at capacity, so what will their customers do as the WET market continues to grow and their supplier is unable to grow at the same pace? It’s tempting to concentrate on our short term needs, but now more than ever we need to be looking at our long term options.

Yours sincerely

Andy Jones

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