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SMARTGLASS™ goes national with new distribution facility

Clayton Glass Fleet

Clayton Glass is delighted to announce that it has opened a new SMARTGLASSTM distribution facility in the Midlands. SMARTGLASSTM is the company’s roof glazing sealed unit offering featuring Edgetech’s Super Spacer warm edge technology. Located off the M1 near Northampton, this new ‘Hub’ will employ a small team of three, providing storage and distribution facilities for those roof deliveries beyond the current daily reach.

“As our roof customer base has increased, so has both the number and distance of end user sites we need to get our product to,” comments Commercial Director Jason McCabe. “The key to timely and successful roof deliveries lies with a small fleet of lightweight vehicles in the right location, so whilst we will retain the use of our heavy goods fleet, this will be to ship roofs in volume to the hub overnight for onward delivery the next day.

“To coincide with this, on the production side we’ve invested further and we can now manufacture SMARTGLASSTM in either one of our two County Durham factories. The key for us lies in being able to manufacture quicker, thus getting the roof on the most cost effective vehicle and optimising by delivery ‘slot’. We’re hugely confident that with this new facility we will be able to improve our turnaround, reaction times and delivery capacity - and with it our overall customer experience.

“We’re now taking orders for roof glass on a national basis, so naturally we’ve seen our sales grow too. Where in the past we have had to turn work down due to logistics barriers, we can now fulfill with ease. More customers only serve to increase momentum and to give critical mass for further investment.”

Initially two drivers and vehicles will operate from the site, giving SMARTGLASSTM the reach and ability to achieve morning drops to the South coast, whilst reducing overall delivery costs and improving customer communication. “We can now get your roof further, quicker,” adds Jason. “And with satellite tracking across the entire fleet you can rest assured we can literally pinpoint every one of our 30 roof deliveries, every day.”

For more information on Edgetech’s range of Warm Edge Technology, call 08700 566844 or visit www.superspacer.co.uk and for more information on SMARTGLASSTM from Clayton contact 01207 288200.

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