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Modplan’s Vertex tile effect roof wins more fans

The Vertex solid tile effect conservatory roof has been in Modplan’s portfolio for a few years. But the popularity of the innovative roofing solution is showing no sign of waning. Indeed, the exact opposite is true – more and more installers are adding the roof to their portfolio.

It’s easy to see what customers find appealing about the roof: it gives homeowners all the benefits of a traditional extension at a fraction of the cost, great news in this economic climate. What’s more it offers energy efficiency benefits for those struggling to heat their conservatory in the winter and gives respite to those struggling to keep it cool in the summer.

Over four new installers have added the roof to their range in recent months. However, one long-standing customer who has been benefiting from having the Vertex roof in their portfolio for a couple of years is Dorset-based Valecraft, whose Director, Dave Graham, says, “The Vertex tile effect roof is a great product for us. It gives us a better opportunity to close a conservatory sale, especially when the customer has a south facing garden. Everyone – including customers – knows the problems of south facing conservatories but the Vertex roof solves them. Plus it’s versatile, so customers can have a combination of tiled roof with polycarbonate or glass panel if they want to provide additional light. The roof has definitely helped us secure business and the feedback from our customers has been excellent.”

The Vertex tile effect roof is designed for use with 32mm glazing and is suitable for use on Victorian, Edwardian and P Shape conservatories as well as porches. It’s also becoming an increasingly popular choice for customers investing in one of Modplan’s garden pavilions, a range of freestanding garden buildings with a myriad of uses from home office to al fresco dining room.

Part of the attraction for installers, apart from its appeal to consumers, is the ease of fitting. It is a very straightforward product to fit and the roof has a unique one piece peripheral main beam which incorporates the guttering.

Heidi Sachs, Modplan’s Managing Director says, “With the property market still looking shaky, many homeowners are looking to extend rather than move. But finances are tight and lots of people don’t have the resources to invest in a traditional extension. The Vertex roof gives people more space and makes a conservatory feel more like part of a home, so it’s a valuable addition to an installers’ portfolio.”

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