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West Country Windows

West Country Windows passes EN1279 Part 3

West Country Windows passes EN1279 Part 3
Using Super Spacer® helped West Country Windows average a mere 0.3% gas loss rate when tested for EN 1279 Part 3.

Fabricator West Country Windows has passed EN1279 Part 3 just a few months after passing Part 2: no easy achievement. Colin Kellaway at West Country Windows says: “Edgetech’s Super Spacer® made it so much easier for us. We passed with flying colours. We sent five units to be assessed, of which two were selected for testing. Our units averaged 93.6% gas fill. Gas loss ratings can be no greater than 1% per annum under EN1279 Part 3: ours averaged 0.3%.”

“It is so important to keep ahead of the competition,” continues Colin. “Early preparation for market change has to be a priority in our industry nowadays. We can see many unit manufacturers being caught out by a mad rush at the end. If a company has not passed the relevant Parts of EN1279 by February 2007, they will simply have to stop manufacturing until they have. The assessment process takes 16–18 weeks, so we knew we had to apply well in advance. Assessors can only test so many in the time we have left.”

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