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Edgetech UK customers invest in 25 machines in 3 years

Edgetech UK customers invest in 25 machines in 3 years
Image of a Super Spacer Applicator from For.El, courtesy of Padiham Glass

Edgetech customers are committing to the future of the industry with their continued investment in fully and semi-automated Super Spacer® applicators. Just three years ago there were three lines in the UK. By the end of September 2007 there will be 17 fully automated machines and 8 semi-automated fully installed and commissioned each capable of producing between 500 – 1000 units per day on a single 8 hour shift with minimum man power. A trend that is reflected globally with a total of 77 Super Spacer vertical lines now installed worldwide.

“Customers continue to invest in the industry at a time when much of the sector isn’t spending money,” says Andy Jones, Managing Director of Edgetech UK. “These customers are looking ahead and can see the advantage the investment will give them over the rest of the market. With the emphasis on high performing sealed units at competitive prices, the productivity benefits achieved through semi or fully automated Super Spacer lines, give our customers an extra edge on their competitors. Homeowners want better quality products, but now also have a reason to change their existing windows for Energy Saving Recommended windows, which is why demand is on the up. And it’s likely to be a continued driver for the market for some time yet, especially in light of the recent Budget including ESR windows. It acknowledged that ‘Energy efficient windows have a major role to play in reducing household energy use and increasing the energy efficiency of existing homes.’

“We’re pleased that our customers are at the forefront of investment in our industry, and in manufacturing in general, which looking at the bigger picture is great for the UK economy.”

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