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Edgetech saves Local Authority residents 300 000 a year

Everyone is more concerned with the environment now than ever before. The government is pushing the country to take more care by regulating industries and homeowners are demanding environmentally friendly products. But sometimes being kind to the environment comes at a price. “Edgetech’s Super Spacer® provides the energy efficiency benefits but actually saves homeowners money,” explains Andy Jones, Sales Director and General Manager of Edgetech. “Edgetech’s Super Spacer no metal formula provides the best energy efficiency performance in the industry. One London based local authority using Super Spacer on its 10,000 housing stock has done its own research. It has calculated that each house could save up to £30 a year on its heating bills with Super Spacer installed in its windows. So for 10,000 houses, that’s a £300,000 cost saving a year for the residents in total. This is great news for the homeowner but it’s also good news for installers selling windows with Super Spacer because differentiating their window is so much easier.”

News Title: -    Edgetech saves Local Authority residents 300 000 a year
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