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New SLIMBLIND™ takes control

New SLIMBLIND™ takes control

Pilkington Building Products – UK and ZEROplus, the specialist supplier of door and window products, have unveiled the latest in innovative fire-resistant glass technology.

Slimblind™ is a fire-rated Venetian blind encapsulated in a Pilkington fire-resistant insulating glass unit with Pilkington Optifloat™ T toughened glass as the outer pane.

For use in fire doors, it is ideal for clean room areas and hospitals where privacy and hygiene are of paramount importance.

Slimblind™ is the first hermetically sealed Venetian blind system to achieve fire ratings on timber doors in the UK and Ireland. The unit can be supplied with 7mm Pilkington Pyrodur™ Plus for fire-rated applications up to 30 minutes and will shortly be available with 10mm Pilkington Pyrodur™ for fire-rated applications up to 60 minutes. The Pilkington Optifloat™ T toughened glass pane may be tinted in Grey, Green, Bronze or also be replaced by Pilkington Arctic Blue™.

The blinds are encased within the glass to produce a hygienic, maintenance-free system that prevents the build up of moisture, condensation and dirt. Operated by a magnetic knurled dial, the blinds provide privacy and preserve confidentiality or security in hospitals, clinics, clean room areas, research labs, offices, schools and banks.

Slimblind™ is a complete system which is quick and simple to install in all kinds of doors or side-panels. The assembly for fire doors is supplied with a choice of steel or stainless steel frame trims and the appropriate intumescent glazing tape and aperture liner. Stocked in eight popular sizes, Slimblind™ is available in a range of sizes from 406mm x 406mm to 762mm x 1829mm (width by height), frame colours to co-ordinate with decor or corporate branding.

For more information on Slimblind™ e-mail Pilkington@respond.uk.com or telephone the Technical Helpline on 01744 692000.

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